This week in Shemini 2019, I talk a little about the concept of unity as it results from keeping His commandments, beginning with the food laws of clean and unclean.  How did it happen that the early Christian church became "unrooted" from their Jewish Messianic brothers?  For answers here, I've included an attachment by Tony Robinson entitled "Seeds of Separation"  which gives a lot of history for those who are interested or would like it as a resource to pass along to others.

On Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu was in Washington D.C. where President Trump signed an official declaration confirming Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.  Learn more here.

Also on Monday, a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip hit a home north of Tel Aviv in the Israeli community of Mishmeret.  Seven people were hurt.  It is a miracle no one was killed.  Israel responded with a series of airstrikes.  It is a serious situation.  Let's be sure to pray for our Israeli family there.  Sadly, read how press around the world reported on the attack.  Mishmeret Rocket Attack

The Jews of Afghanistan once numbered in the thousands.  Today the population is one.  Yes, that's right, one.  Here's the interesting story - Jewish Population in Afghanistan - 1

Shabbat Shalom!