Tzav commentary

Tonight is the eve of Purim, and so I'd like to pass along a couple of resources.  Of course the story of Purim can be read in the book of Esther, but to put the story in perspective, check out - History Crash Course, Purim in Persia.   

Current events always seem to parallel whatever is being celebrated on the Hebrew calendar.  In the book of Esther, Jews in diaspora suddenly found themselves isolated and in danger.  With unusual chatter going on against Jews in the Democratic party, could USA Jews find themselves in a similar situation?  On  Israel Inspired, talk show hosts Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss possibilities.  For the Purim connection, zip ahead to the 20:34 point. 

If you would like to watch the connections between the book of Esther, Hitler and the holocaust, you can see it here - Eerie connection between Purim, Prophecy and Hitler.

Nowhere in the book of Esther can you find any word for God.  Yet, it is amazing that His Name can be found encoded in equidistant letter spacing many times throughout the book.  For those of you with some knowledge of Hebrew, you may enjoy the special attachment on Purim.  I apologize for any errors.  I tried to put it together at the last minute.

The funeral was held this week for Achiad Ettinger, rabbi and father of 12, tragically killed in one more terror attack in Samaria.  These are painful stories to read about, but we should not forget Rabbi Ettinger, his dear family and what our Jewish brothers and sisters continue to go through.  Achiad remembered

Shabbat Shalom!