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August 2018

Ki Tavo

Shalom! In my attached Torah commentary for 2018, my main topic concerns the "fatherless, widows, and the strangers."  In researching this topic, I really was not aware of how many times the welfare of these people groups is mentioned.  The Father is not only interested in their well-being, but also that we love them.   Loving them reflects an attribute of the Almighty, Himself.  Ignoring them brings about judgment. Devarim/Deuteronomy...

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Ki Tetze

Shalom! Once again the new commentary shows up as an attachment here: Ki Tetze.  It does make the emails shorter!  Along with what I wrote, I wanted to share a couple of links.  The first is concerning fire balloons that continue to cross over into Israel from Gaza - Fire Balloons  These kind of stories are usually not covered by the media.  In the second article, attorney Nati Rom speaks about the double standard for Jews.  He also mentions the torture...

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Shalom! This week for Parashat Shoftim I am again sending out a new commentary as an attachment here: Shoftim Commentary.  The rest of this email is a repeat of something I sent out 3 years ago for Elul.  Enjoy! We are currently in the 6th month of the Hebrew calendar.  Yes, we are fast approaching the feasts of the 7th month!  This month is often called Elul, which is an acronym for "ani l'dodi v'dodi li" which translates "I am my Beloved's...

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Shalom! I'm doing things a little differently this week.  My new thoughts are included as a PDF attachment here: Re'eh - Commentary  I'd also like to share a documentary link with you about 11 Christian young people from seven countries who took a three week trip to Israel to understand the country's issues from all perspectives.  It reminds me that the name of our parasha this week is "Re'eh," that is "Behold." ...

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Shalom!   At the end of his life, there was much that Moshe wanted the Israelites to understand.  To be clear, Moshe repeated truths over and over again from many different angles.  The most important fact was that YHWH is their Elohim.  He is faithful to those with whom He made covenant.  But Moshe also warned them that obedience was key for His blessings to flow over their lives.     YHWH 's choice of, and His love for Israel was NOT...

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