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July 2016


Shalom!   The concept of "zeal" is one we see often throughout the Scriptures. As children of the Almighty, our zeal will either be motivated by the Holy Spirit or by our own flesh. Remember it was Sha'ul (Paul) whose zeal for Elohim caused him to persecute the first believers in Yeshua. Sha'ul actually thought he was doing the right thing in defending the Name of YHWH. But it was the Almighty, Himself who miraculously intervened and told him that he was wrongly...

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Shalom!   This week we take a look at Balaam who operated as a prophet of the Almighty, albeit with completely impure motives. Our Creator has given each one of us gifts and talents; but of all spiritual gifts, the gift of prophecy is to be desired -   1 Corinthians 14:1 Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.   Balaam certainly did not "pursue love" along with his gift of prophecy. In fact the wickedness...

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Shalom!   Suddenly this week we have jumped ahead 38 years, and without really noticing we have lost almost an entire generation. The focus has turned to the second generation of people who will be the Israelites blessed to enter the Promised Land. There's a sadness to it all, however. The generation that experienced deliverance from Egypt, walked through the Red Sea, became betrothed to the Almighty on Mt. Sinai, ate the manna and drank the water from the Rock, brought the...

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Shalom!   This week we begin our reading with another dramatic rebellion. It appears to be against Moshe and Aharon as leaders, but teacher William Bullock ( looks at it from another angle. He calls it a "Stunning Revelation - The Crisis is not of Leadership as We Supposed...But it is of Relationship." Continuing on with his comments:   To truly appreciate what the Holy One does for us in today's aliyah one must comprehend the...

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