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June 2018


Shalom!   This week's portion is named after the Moabite king, Balak, who does all he can to destroy the people of Israel.  As the children of Israel get very close to the Promised Land, King Balak panics because he knows that his armies are no match for them.  He anticipated that Israel would do to the Moabites what they did to the Amorites.  But what was the actual reason for Israel's war with the Amorites?  Look at Israel's original...

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Shalom!   It seems that death has been a common theme in the last few parashot.  This week our reading continues with tragedies and death, but we are introduced to the hope of restoration as purification is offered through the ashes of the red heifer.  A nation that was witnessing the death of its entire first generation, was not to lose heart.  Through the ashes of death, new life became a reality for those who had been touched in some way by the realm of death. ...

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Shalom!   If we thought things were bad last week (when the Israelites were handed a 40 year time of wandering in the wilderness), the crisis that takes place in the camp this week is even worse. Korah and his allies rebel against Moshe and Aharon, and YHWH is so very angry that He threatens to wipe out the whole congregation, "in a moment":   Bemidbar/Numbers 16:19 And Korah gathered all the congregation against them at the door of the tabernacle of meeting....

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Shelach Lecha

Shalom!   We have spent several weeks now reading about how YHWH has chosen a people whom He could shower with His love. Since He took them out of Egypt, He has protected and shielded His Israelites with the Light of His Presence and the Cloud of His Glory. When they became thirsty, He provided water for them. When they were hungry, perfect bread fell from Heaven. Neither their clothes nor their sandals ever wore out. When there was war, YHWH showed them how to gain the victory. They...

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