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May 2019


Shalom! In 2006, I became a part of a weekly email learning Torah from a guy named "Rick."  Rick sent out commentaries on the Torah reading and there were "reply all" discussions.  I was mostly too shy to say anything, but loved learning from Rick and hearing everyone's comments.  This went on for over a year, I think.  Then, suddenly, the emails stopped.  After awhile an email was sent by Rick's wife.  Rick had been killed in a car...

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Shalom! The command to "be holy" is found in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Brit Chadasha.  The Hebrew Scriptures identify "holiness" with "holy" behavior, otherwise known as obedience to the commandments.  Did Yeshua do away with the Torah and thus, "holy" behavior?  How then can one become "holy" today?  Kedoshim 2019 takes a look at how we can conform our behavior to the likeness of the Holy One of Israel. Last...

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Acharei Mot

Shalom! Acharei Mot contains a chapter that most of us pass over quickly.  It is a detailed listing of all sexual perversions.  Most of us would say, it doesn't really apply to us.  Yet if we take a careful look, we see that more and more of these prohibitions seem to be looked upon with tolerance in our societies.  One thing, however, is clear. YHWH does not see them as minor.  They are downright detestable - a total abomination.   On a positive...

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