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April 2019

Counting of the Omer

      Shalom! Pesach/Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are tied to Shavuot/Pentecost by the Counting of the Omer.  While Pesach is the celebration of redemption and freedom from slavery, Shavuot is a celebration of revelation.  In between is a period of sanctification.  If you read in the Torah about the things that happened in the days...

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  Shalom! A popular Passover song is Simcha Rabba, Aviv hi'giah, Pesach Ba!  It means a lot of happiness, spring is here, Passover is coming!  I hope you are enjoying the anticipation!   We will take a break in the regular Torah readings for the next couple of weeks and focus on Pesach/Passover. Following are a few articles and videos about Passover.  Also, attached are some extra resources. A short Passover video for children - Passover...

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Shalom! We've had such interesting topics in our Torah readings the last couple of weeks, right?  Vayikra/Leviticus has made it clear that not all uncleanness is the same.  There are different rituals to bring one back into a "clean" state.  Metzora     But did you notice that all purification rituals involve living water?  For the believer today, our cleanser is the Living Water of Yeshua.  We are covered by both the blood He shed...

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Shalom! I guess I should tell you that it took five attempts to write this week's commentary.  That should tell you that it's not the easiest topic for me and not likely for you either.  Clean, unclean, scabs, boils, burns, white hairs, yellow hairs....there sure are a lot of visual aids.  Although we're tempted to pass over all this stuff really quickly, our Father spent a lot of time on this, so for sure He has some treasures there.  In Tazria - 2019, I...

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