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April 2017


Shalom!   We're still in Vayikra/Leviticus, and we're still on the topic of holiness. For the Israelites, holiness was important because the Presence of YHWH was right in their midst. When they looked towards the Tabernacle, they saw that He was there. The Israelites knew that being "holy and clean" was absolutely necessary. Today, without the physical reminder of His Presence, these are difficult concepts. Some will say that since the resurrection of Yeshua, this...

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Shalom!   Here we are in the heart of the Torah and the lesson is about holiness. The concepts of clean and unclean are not so easy for us to understand today. Unclean does not necessarily mean sinful. It is a ritual state of being. It could be an inner revealing of the heart, but sometimes it is external. If you were unclean and went into the close proximity of the Presence of YHWH, you would die. And this is exactly what we read about this week with Nadav and Avihu. Our...

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Counting Of The Omer

Shalom!   There is a break in the regular Torah schedule this week to make room for a focus on Pesach/Passover. There is no regular Torah portion, so no commentaries to send. I have attached an email from the past on the Counting of the Omer following the resurrection of Yeshua.   In searching through my folders, I came across the following agricultural progression beginning with the wheat seed and ending with the two loaves of leavened bread waved on Shavuot. This period...

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Shalom!   Two weeks ago we finished the book of Shemot/Exodus with the grand finale of the completed Tabernacle filled with the Glory of YHWH. NOW what? How will the children of Israel be able to handle the Shekinah Glory of the Holy One within their midst? Vayikra (Leviticus) is the how-to manual on the use of the Tabernacle. Vayikra will spell out the directions for worship, maintaining ritual purity, and holiness. It will be a big job for the sons of Aharon to teach the people how...

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