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March 2017


Shalom!   We enter in to the third book of the Torah this week. The first word...Vayikra. It means "And He called". In grammar, the word "and" is a conjunction or a connective word. So the question...what is this first verse connecting to? Obviously, the "and" must be connecting us to the previous book of Shemot/Exodus which ended with the Presence of YHWH filling the Tabernacle. It was awesome that the Presence had come, but the problem was no one, not...

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Shalom! The Tabernacle was the first building project (excluding the molten calf) that the Israelites were involved in since leaving Egypt, the land of slavery. Now instead of being forced to construct buildings for a cruel oppressor, they were given the opportunity to freely participate in the construction of the Tabernacle of YHWH - an earthly representation of what Moshe saw in the Heavenlies. The Tabernacle was the place where the Almighty would be able to accomplish His desire of...

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Ki Tisa

Shalom! Oh, what a contrast we have in our reading this week! First we have Moshe standing on the top of Mount Sinai in the Presence of the Almighty, receiving the instructions of life! But at the foot of the the very lowest, possible level both physically and spiritually, Israelites have decided on how they will worship:   Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.   Just think for a moment what it was...

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Shalom! This week's Torah portion is very special because every single word of it is spoken directly from the mouth of YHWH! Yes, this is our red-letter edition parasha! YHWH will continue to give us instructions for the furnishings of the Tabernacle and the royal garments for the priests, but we should remember that all these instructions are mainly a shadow and are ultimately meant to point us to a heavenly reality. Are we able to look higher and see the priesthood of which Yeshua is...

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Shalom! This week the amazing desire of the Elohim of Israel - Shemot/Exodus 25:8 "And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.   In our Torah parashah, the Creator of the Universe expresses His desire to descend from His lofty throne and tabernacle with His chosen people. The Tabernacle will be the special place where He will chose to dwell when He interacts with His people. The earthly Tabernacle is a copy and a shadow of what Moshe saw up on that...

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