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February 2019


Shalom! With the golden calf experience behind them, and the opportunity for a second chance offered to them, the children of Israel must have wondered what exactly they were to do next.  Moshe was quick to fill the void, gathering them together and giving them precise directions - keep the Sabbath, joyfully bring contributions for the Tabernacle, be willing to share your talents, and begin construction.  All was to be done in the spirit of unity.  We will read the results of...

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Ki Tisa

Shalom! This week we find in the Torah, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  The people that YHWH has chosen to enter into covenant with are not perfect and will not be able to survive without learning and trusting in the attributes of their Deliverer.   Moshe receives the tablets of the Torah up on the mountain.  But when he descended from the mountain carrying the two divine tablets, and he saw the people dancing about a golden calf in revelry, he realized that he had two...

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Shalom! This week our Torah reading gives us a lot of details concerning the garments of the priesthood.  Clothes had the ability to set the priests apart for holiness, allowing them to communicate and interact with the Holy One of Israel.  From the beginning of Scripture (YHWH clothed Adam and Eve) to the end of Revelation, garments are relevant to the plan of the Almighty. Tetzaveh - 2019 takes a look at the kingdom of priests and the garments to be worn by those in service to...

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Shalom! In his comments for Parashat Terumah (Terumah 2019), Rabbi David Fohrman wrote that now is when they see a major decline in viewership.  For some reason, people don't seem all that interested in reading the long list of instructions the Torah gives us on how to build the Tabernacle.  The picture of what is in heaven will come down and dwell with His people on earth.  Shemot 25:8 more literally translated: Shemot 25:8 "And let them make Me a sanctuary, that...

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