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December 2015


Shalom!   This week as we begin the book of Shemot (Exodus), we notice that the home of the Israelites in Egypt has become a place of exile and bondage. The Almighty's plan will ultimately be the redemption of Israel from the bondage of slavery.  But first, His plan will be the development of a nation in the place He chooses - Egypt.  And while all the focus is on the Hebrews in Egypt, YHWH is busy watching His Covenant Land.  Israel will not return until the...

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Shalom!   This week I want to share with you a very interesting piece written by Mr. William Bullock ( on these verses in our Torah reading:   Bereshith 49:1 And Ya'acov called his sons and said, "Gather yourselves together (he'asefu), that I may tell you what shall befall you in the last days: 2 "Assemble yourselves together (hiqavtzu) and hear (shema), you sons of Ya'acov, And listen...

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Shalom chaverim (friends)!   Who doesn't love the ending of the story of Yosef when he reveals himself to his brothers?  However, we know from the story that without Benyamin, the reconciliation would not have taken place.  Every year I think about Benyamin and wonder about his identity in our day.  Perhaps we will not fully know him until he is revealed, but here are some of my current thoughts on Benyamin: He is the only son born to Yisrael - all others...

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Shalom!   For over twenty years, Yosef's brothers had covered up a horrible sin, lied to their father and not made teshuvah (return to Him through repentance).  Time would not heal gaping wounds.  The Covenant family was in need of restoration.  Indeed, restoration would happen through a series of trials, afflictions, and times of self-reflection.  Their own brother, Yosef, would unknowingly be the one YHWH would use to lead them through the process of...

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Shalom!   Nearly all of the rest of Torah will be centered around the life of Yosef.  As so many inspired, detailed Words are given to us about this one man, what can we learn from him?  How can we sum up his life?  How about this?   YHWH was "with" Yosef.   Let's take a look at a few of the verses which leave us with this impression:   Bereshith 39:2 YHWH was with Yosef, and he was a successful man; and he was in...

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