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November 2018


Shalom! It's always exciting to begin reading about the life of Yosef.  You can find a quick recap on some of the parallels here  - Yeshua/Yosef.  Vayeshev 2018, however, covers a different topic - that of the descent of the life of Yehuda.  At the same time Yosef is undergoing a transformation in Egypt, Yehuda will face his own shortcomings.  Of course, YHWH oversees it all. A little known, secret mission during the Holocaust gives credit for the saving of...

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Shalom! There are weeks when a certain concept will jump up and nearly knock me over.  That happened to me again this week.  The word is "deception."  I don't think I ever really noticed the part deception has played since the beginning of mankind and will continue to play until the serpent of old will be cast into the lake of fire. Ya'acov's life could be characterized by a great deal of deception...that which he was responsible for and that which he...

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Shalom! On Monday, 370 rockets were launched from Gaza with about 100 intercepted by the Iron Dome.  The rockets in the south reached as far as the Dead Sea area.  There was what is being called a miracle when one of the missiles struck a bus that just unloaded 50 soldiers.  Currently there is a fragile ceasefire in place.  Get a feel for what it's like for Israeli's by watching a video here - Israel Under Attack.   Next week, Americans will celebrate...

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Shalom! When the creation process was given to us in Bereshith, it began with separation - the light from the darkness, the waters from the waters, the waters from the land, and even Chavah (Eve) from Adam.  In Parashat Toldot we have Yitzchak being "separated" into Ya'acov and Esav.  Toldot is a continuation of the creation process as separation is necessary in the creation of the people of Israel. Yeshua also spoke parables of separation...the wheat and the...

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