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November 2016


Shalom!   This week our parsha gives us insights and details in the life of Yitzchak/Isaac. We notice that in Yitzchak's life, there were many situations that required incredible faith and trust in the promises of YHWH, beginning of course with his near sacrifice. We are left to wonder how this affected him and laid the groundwork for the tremendous faith he often displayed. As the chosen son of Avraham, he somehow trusted that his barren wife would someday bear a child. Yet...

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Chayei Sarah

Shalom!   Our parashah begins with the story of the acquisition of a burial plot for Sarah by Avraham. Then we continue with the story about those who are left behind following Sarah's death. The parashah is a legacy about the Life of Sarah ironically beginning with her death and finishing with Rebekah entering Sarah's tent to be with Isaac. The search for the bride is the result of the first prayer for divine guidance in the Torah. It was the prayer from the heart of a...

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Shalom!   And so now, the everlasting covenant has been given to Avraham. Do not we all claim to be children of Avraham? Does not YHWH watch every descendant of Avraham, both natural or grafted in, to see how they respond to the offering of the covenant?   Avraham was declared to be a "friend of Elohim". What does it take to become His "friend"?   Isaiah 41:8 " But you, Yisra'el, are My servant, Ya'acov whom I have chosen, The...

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Lech Lecha

Shalom!   I remember years ago, sitting in church and hearing the Pastor say, "Jesus spoke more on the Kingdom than any other subject." I so clearly remember thinking, then tell us "what is the Kingdom?" More and more today I am understanding what is the message of Yeshua and the Kingdom. In this week's Torah portion, Lech Lecha, Avram enters into an everlasting covenant with El Shaddai and thus the Kingdom of YHWH begins to take...

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Shalom!   We are happy to greet you this day from the Promised Land! We arrived last night and we were greeted by friends who took us "home" to our location on the Golan Heights. I LOVE being here and look forward to what our Heavenly Abba will teach us and show us over the next several weeks as we attempt to be a blessing to those who spend their lives serving and blessing the nation of Israel.   We very much enjoyed a few people we met on the planes. One was a...

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