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October 2017

Lech Lecha

Shalom!   For years now I have wanted to address the confusing topic of circumcision. This subject is one that confuses many, including seasoned teachers. There is not always agreement, which doesn't help those searching for answers. This year, I will attempt to share what I have learned. I cannot guarantee that this teaching is without fault, but it is beginning to make more sense to me. Especially in light of Brit Chadasha (New Testament) verses which appear to speak against...

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Shalom!   A few weeks ago, I read through the chapters we are studying this week in Parashat Noach. I made a note to myself to look into Bereshith/Genesis 9:20-25 because of the concepts of fruit, uncovered, nakedness, garment, and curses. Do these sound familiar? These concepts are parallel to those in the Garden. It seemed so obvious, so I looked for someone who had done a teaching making these comparisons. I actually found a couple, mostly rabbis and the topic was most thoroughly...

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Shalom!   How odd it feels to be sending out the commentaries for Bereshith before the week of Sukkot has even ended! I pray your week has been blessed and filled with His Presence wherever you are. We chose to spend our Feast with a small group of very good friends, focused on joy and loving one another. The children who were here became the highlight of our week, perhaps giving us a greater understanding of Yeshua's words:   Matthew 19:14 and Yeshua said, "Let...

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V'zot Habracha

Shalom!   The last two chapters of Devarim are traditionally read on Simchat Torah, or the 8th day following the week of Sukkot. Others study this section on this coming Shabbat. Thus, I am sending V'zot Habracha today, as next week I will already be sending out Bereshith before Sukkot is even over! The wheels certainly do turn without a break!   These are the very last words spoken by Moshe:   Devarim/Deuteronomy 33:26 "There is no one like the El of...

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