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October 2015


Shalom!   I hope you are aware and praying for Israel during this time of sporadic terror attacks against Jewish people.  With that in mind, I am passing along words about courage from Yishai Fleisher, Jewish resident of Jerusalem:   Shalom Friends,   Due to the recent wave of terror which is striking our beloved Israel, I have been interviewed over and over by local and foreign media. Observing that Israel has become more dangerous, they...

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Lech Lecha

Shalom!   Avraham - father of our faith (Romans 4).  We all descended from Noah, who walked with Elohim, but it is Avraham who is considered to be the father of our faith.  It is worth noting that YHWH did not instantly start out His relationship with Avram with a covenant.  It would take many, many years and many life experiences before Avram was ready for such a commitment.  Along the way Avram would have to leave what was familiar and comfortable. ...

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