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January 2019


Shalom! Last week was so exciting with the giving of the Ten Words.  This week's more mundane commands can seem rather boring.  Yet we need more detail as the great commands of the Torah are valid only if they are placed into everyday life activities.  The final chapter of Mishpatim describes how the Israelites consented to keep these laws, entering into a Covenantal relationship: Shemot/Exodus 24:7 Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read it to the people. They...

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Shalom! The Israelites are continuing on now with their journey, having been delivered from slavery.  In the next step of their salvation they will receive the instruction of the Torah to help them understand how to live a life holy and pleasing to their Master. Yitro - 2019 While it is true that many of the laws and commands Elohim would give to His people through Moshe already existed in other Middle Eastern societies, it was the PERSONAL relationship of the Hebrew Elohim to His...

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Shalom! In Parashat Beshalach we encounter many events confronting the Israelites where faith plays a part.  We read about how frightened they were when being pursued by the Egyptians, how they marched through the divided sea, how they believed in YHWH and Moshe when they saw the dead Egyptians on the seashore, how they grumbled two times for water and once for food, and how they victoriously fought Amalek.  It seems one moment they were full of faith and the next moment they were...

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Shalom! This week the Israelites will have their first taste of freedom!  But what is the real difference between being a slave and being free?  We might answer that it has to do with hard work or labor.  But many people work hard just because they want to.  A slave has no choice in the matter.  Time for a slave is under the control of his master.  And so we read that the very first commandment given to the Israelites as a nation was a change in their paradigm...

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Shalom! Va'era 2019 has a focus on the paradigm of Egypt. YHWH was calling the children of Israel out of slavery to the Pharaoh and into His service.  The Pharaoh, however, wanted the Israelites to compromise their allegiance to YHWH by sacrificing to the Almighty in Egypt, while at the same time serving him.  "Impossible," said Moshe and Aharon.  And the Creator has His ways of making His desires become reality. And now to share an amazing true story of...

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