Available Resources

Are you looking for fellowship in your area, but there are no fellowships or congregations?
Do you have desire to start a fellowship, but not sure how to begin or are feeling intimidated by the whole process?
Do you have a fellowship, but are struggling with materials or having difficulty with praise services due to a lack of musicians?
Are you looking for some help in serving the Kingdom?

If any of this sounds remotely like your current situation maybe we can help! We will certainly try! Below you'll find a partial list of services and resources we can provide.             
Of course, all of these are free! If you would like to use any or all these resources please fill out this assistance request.                                                                                            
We look forward to working with you for the glory of our Father's Kingdom!
Automated Praise Services: We provide fully automated praise services in the congregation resources section. These are typically three songs long and approximately 10-15 min. in length. They can be streamed directly from the website with computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc...                                                                                                                                                                                     We offer two different styles of automated praise services:
Hebrew Roots Style: The music ranges from classic and contemporary Christian all the way to contemporary Messianic styles (Nothing with large amounts of transliterated Hebrew)
Messianic Style: The music covers classic Messianic songs to contemporary Messianic songs.
If you prefer to pick songs, as you go, we also have that option available.
New song clips are always being developed and then included in the upcoming praise videos. A song request tool is provided in the main menu to allow folks an opportunity to have a say in the new praise music that is being developed. *Note: Fruits of Torah pays licensing fees for the music we use, therefore downloading is not allowed.
Children's Lessons: There are children's lessons available for download in the congregation resources section. These will be under continuous development for the foreseeable future. The childrens lessons cover all scripture not just Torah. The lessons are purely scripture with no opinions/dogma in them. Each lesson consists of; Scripture, fill in the blank, true/false, crossword puzzles, word finds, and a maze. Coloring sheets are available by via a web link. No answer sheets are provided as, in life, the answers are in the scriptures!

Children's Lessons Sub-Site: This is a sub-site that can be used to add unbranded children's lessons to any already existing ministry or fellowship website. It's like a natural extension of your already existing website!
Foundational Studies: We offer foundational studies to anyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear. We primarily use the HaYesod program put out by First Fruits Of Zion. It's a ten week program, so folks need to be willing to invest 2 hours a week to a serious study. The materials are of good quality and are laid out in a logical framework. The workbooks are about $35 and make a great resource to look back at after the class is completed. We try to keep some workbooks on hand and offer scholarships, when possible, because we realize that $35 can be cost prohibitive for some folks, especially families. In case someone should miss a class, the class can be accessed online through the HaYesod website. There is a small amount of homework to do between each session that we discuss at the next study session. We typically pray and do a bit of praising before starting to get in the right mindset. We, typically, travel back and forth for those ten weeks, but encourage folks that complete the class to become facilitators in their respective areas for others in need of foundational studies. We may even contact you for future assistance along those lines.
Landing Page: Think of this as a miniature website. It's a single page that allows a congregation to tell others about themselves. You can tell folks about your core beliefs, what your services are like, your worship schedule etc... We give folks a friendly URL that can be posted in the various fellowship finders. We build the page with input from the fellowship and then give them editing access to the page, so they can make minor changes to it. We ,also, typically give folks a customized email hosted through Fruits of Torah. This keeps folks personal email out of the loop and helps make the landing page and fellowship look more stable, so to speak.
Blog Hosting: For anyone that has a creative writer inside just itching to share their journey in Torah we host blogs for congregations we work with. They are a great way to share our experiences and the things that we are learning! They encourage folks that may be feeling a little alone in this Faith! They also bring our Faith closer together!
"Able" Ministry: This is probably the hardest, but most rewarding resource to attempt to utilize! Fruits of Torah works with several congregations in Intermediate Care Facilities and it has proven to be heartbreaking, at times, but has also proven to be the most beautiful and uplifting experience we have ever had in service of the Kingdom! We have witnessed so many wonderful changes in both the people supported and staff, as the Father has worked in them and changed them! If you or your fellowship feel led by our Father to pursue establishing a volunteer relationship with a local facility/facilities to bring the Gospel, we would love to assist you! We can help coordinate with the facilities, if necessary, because there is typically training, background checks, facility tours, meet and greets etc.. We can show you how to safely interact with people supported, how to garner participation, and we can make recommendations for equipment etc... We have activity sheets that parallel the children's lessons available in the congregation resources (many of our folks love word finds and coloring pages!). This is certainly a very special calling, but one that is very dear to our Father's heart!
Congregation/Fellowship Planting: We work with individuals or small groups that wish to reach others and start independant congregations/fellowships of The Faith. Typically we are contacted and then via phone and email we ascertain the situation, discuss in detail how this works, and make plans. This involves establishing a date, time, and location in a community meeting place. We then reach out to others of the Faith within a one hour drive of that location. Fruits of Torah arrives and sets up all the equipment and resources. We have a meet and greet, prayer, worship, and then begin laying the foundations of the congregation/fellowship. The goal by the end of the first meeting is to leave with a code of conduct based on Scripture in place,  meeting places and times for Shabbat services established, a service format established, hardware and software needs addressed, etc... Fruits of Torah typically attends anywhere from two to a dozen Shabbat services depending on the needs of the group. The more of the resources they opt to use like foundational studies, and many of the other resources on this page, the longer the initial interaction. Once the congregation/fellowship is up and running we still love to keep in touch and even drop by (announced, of course) to fellowship and worship! The relationship is ongoing and mutually beneficial as by meeting their needs we develop new resources that benefit the entire family. The process is, of course, much more involved than I can go into here, but rest assured that we do everything the best we are able so that our fruit brings glory to our Father!