Ask The Scriptures

Welcome to Ask The Scriptures! Here you will find a series of questions that will guide you back to some foundational truths of The Faith. Most of these foundational truths were lost through time and replaced with the dogma and traditions of men. As you move through the questions test yourself and supply the answers, as best you can, before clicking to reveal the answer from the Scriptures. This can be a really good exercise to focus your personal study to areas of the foundation that may need shoring up. We suggest not blazing through the whole series, but maybe just look at 10 or 20 at a time and let them marinate on your heart and mind. If you take note of where you left off you can easily jump forward to that page using the links below. We would like to thank 119 & Torah Family ministries for their input as this project had sat dormant for quite some time! Enjoy your journey!

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Questions 11 thru 20    Questions 41 thru 50    Questions 71 thru 80    Questions 101 thru 107                   
Questions 21 thru 30    Questions 51 thru 60    Questions 81 thru 90